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A Canadian horror film, alternately titled “Rufus” in some markets and on IMDb. The acting was a little amateurish, but not terrible, but the production quality was very good. I point out that it’s a Canadian film because to me it has a very Canadian feel as far as the characters and setting. It feels very culturally distinct from US films. It’s not your typical vampire movie and is more like “Let The Right One In” and “Byzantium”. I liked the somber tone and slow-ish pace. The mythology was interesting while not completely unique, definitely a rare take on vampires. There were some interesting themes at play with some of the characters.

I think the average movie watcher, especially of the horror genre would probably give it a 2.5 to 3.0 out of 5. But I really liked it. I love the character piece horror films where the horror element is just a piece of the puzzle and the movie is about the character, not the affliction.

The ending is a little cheesy; it would have been better as a tragedy, in my opinion. The movie poster on Amazon Prime is a little over the top and doesn’t reflect the feel of the movie. The poster for the film on IMDb which shows the main characters is much more reflective of the film. The title the Hunted is only vaguely related to the film and it would be better to just be named Rufus. I’m guessing that the Amazon poster and name change are some marketing execs big idea to get people to watch the film.

I think most people wouldn’t agree with me on this but I give it a solid 4 out of 5 stars.