Welcome back, Potter

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Yet another Cracked Studios series. This one is similar in feel and quality as the other two I watched (Starship Icarus and The Stumbling Dead) but the humor is slightly better. The portrayal of adult Harry Potter as Hunter S. Thompson (by Michael Swaim) is actually amusing and quite watchable. The actress portraying Hermione (by Katy Stoll) was in the other cracked videos and she’s actually good in all the stuff I’ve seen her in and does a passable English accent. Again the concept is pretty cool and the production quality is actually quite good… but it falls flat; short of being actually good. So much potential but something in the execution just falls short of the bar of acceptable. This short series is a step up from Cracked Studios’ other stuff. Watch at least the first episode just for the Hunter S. Thompson portrayal.

I give this a 2.5 out of 5 stars